Official: Increase retirement age to 60 for women and 62 for men


On the morning of November 20, after a lot of discussion and suggestions, the 8th session of the XIV National Assembly officially adopted the amended Labor Code with a prominent new point is to increase the retirement age.

Accordingly, more than 90% of deputies agreed with the plan to increase the retirement age according to the roadmap:

The retirement age for employees in normal working conditions is adjusted according to the roadmap until they reach 62 years of age for men in 2028 and 60 years for women in 2035.


From 2021, the retirement age for ordinary employees is 60 years and 03 months for men; 55 years and 04 months for women. After that, every year will increase by 03 months for male workers and 04 months for female workers.

Currently, according to the 2012 Labor Code, male workers are retired when they are 60 years old, and women are 55 years old.


The increase in the retirement age, according to the above schedule, is considered reasonable. It will avoid “shocking” workers and take advantage of resources for society. According to many National Assembly deputies, an increase in the retirement age is necessary. Because compared to many countries in the world, the retirement age of Vietnamese workers is still low.

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