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Pham Anh Law Firm (PA Law Firm) was founded and granted the business registration certificate No.41021338 issued by The Department of Justice on 06/08/2010, the legal representative is Lawyer Pham Van Sinh. We have a strong team with experienced and active lawyers, legal specialists, legal advisors who worked in numerous areas of consulting and litigation. We have accumulated precious experience by working with many kinds of companies such as state enterprises, Vietnamese enterprises and foreign owned capital enterprises. The diverse of consultant fields and the lawyers’ accumulated experience are the solid basis for our company to achieve the success in consultancy area. Our team of lawyers is always available to assist with the legal content such as:

  • Divorce
  • Driving license in Vietnam
  • Buying and selling/Leasing real estate
  • Labor issues (for employees)
  • Labor issues (for employers)
  • Investment consultancy in Vietnam
  • Legal advice for independent business entrepreneurs
  • Mediation outside the court
  • Other court proceedings and procedures, etc.

Team of professional lawyers.

We have extensive experience and have achieved great success in Vietnam.

All procedures are quick.

It saves and optimizes your time. It helps you quickly achieve the expected results in the shortest time.

All costs are transparent.

We always ensure safety and peace of mind when you come to VniLaw.

The advice is very dedicated.

A team of Japanese and English consultants and lawyers will always support you throughout the process of living and working in Vietnam.



Pham Van Sinh


Lawyer Pham Van Sinh, our Managing Director, has gained the most votes from customer as the Most Favorite Lawyer in 2017.

luat su thang1

Nguyent Tat Thang


Lawyer Nguyen Tat Thang, our Managing Director, has gained the most votes from customer as the Most Favorite Lawyer in 2017.

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Regularly consulting for the large number of big companies/clients:

・The Pasteur Street Craft Beer Joint Stock Company, Pasteur Street Craft Beer Restaurant and Trade Service, the owner of many restaurants with Pasteur Street craft beer brand.

・OFOOD Trade and Service Co., Ltd. that owned more than 14 branches and chain of Ga Nuong O o o, Bo Le Ro, Boro Duck, Thinh story, etc.

・PM WORKS VIET NAM Co., Ltd., a company specializing in the supply, management, introduction of labor to work abroad and Japanese language training, …

・Thanh Truong Loc Co., Ltd, a company specializing in the field of construction, Real estate business, etc.

・Other clients.

・Participated in the protection of clients’ legal rights at the competent court, in the fields of labours, civil, land, trading, family and marriage, etc.

・One of our achievements in 2017 is being successful protected artist Ngoc Trinh’s legal rights in the case against the Opera about disputes related to business co-operation contract.

・PA Law Firm has successfully participated in the protection of the interests of a German customer, won labor dispute with the International School in Germany in the middle of 2018.

・PA Law Firm successfully participates in and deals with conciliation and negotiation meeting (before litigation at court, arbitration and in court and arbitration proceedings) in labor, trade, business disputes, etc.

Successful registered and successful appealed a large number of trademarks to the owners such as: Gia Re accessories, Haravan, Bach Cuc Flower Forest, Ha Chau Martial Art Club, Thinh Story, Royal Shaolin, etc.