From 2021, employees have two days off on National Day


After many previous plans, this morning, November 20, 2019, the XIV National Assembly officially added the National Day holiday to the amended Labor Code.


Expressing opinions before this new regulation, up to 452/455 delegates (accounting for 93.58%) agreed with the plan of adding an extra day of holiday on the day immediately adjacent to National Day (September 2, solar calendar).


And so, from 2021, on the occasion of National Day, employees will have two days off. It is an opportunity for employees to have more time to participate in activities to celebrate and celebrate National Day 02/9 to enhance national pride. And they have more time to relax, reunite with their families, and help children and students prepare for the start of the new school year.


On this basis, in the coming time, employees will be off work and receive a full salary on many holidays. Those are the days like New Year’s Day (one day), Lunar New Year (five days), April 30 (one day), May 1 (one day), National Day (02 days), and Hung King’s death anniversary (one day).

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